DaMina NIGERIA 2023 Elections Risk (2).pdf

DaMina 2023 Periscope YEAR AHEAD TOP RISKS (2).pdf


DaMina Advisors South Africa Post Ramaphosa (1).pdf

DaMina Advisors South Africa Ramaphosa Captures the ANC (1).pdf

DaMina Advisors West Africa falling to Russia (5).pdf

DaMina Advisors Kenya CBK Governor On Way Out (1).pdf

The Patriotic Corporation - Putin New Empire of Pain aims to change global companies too .pdf

DAMINA ADVISORS - Why is West Africa more vulnerable to military coups.pdf

DAMINA ADVISORS - African LNG Key To Europe Nato Gas Insecurity.pdf


DAMINA ADVISORS - Mali Risk of Mine Nationalization Rises with ECOWAS Sanctions.pdf

DAMINA ADVISORS - Ethiopia's embattled Prime Minister Abiy may be ousted by Christmas.pdf

DaMina Advisors Ethiopia's Crisis Threatens Africa's Air Transport System.pdf

DaMina Advisors G-One. G7 Irrelevant without China.pdf

Cryptos and the New Geopolitical World Order.pdf

DaMina Advisors TANZANIA Poised for U Turn on Covid and Foreign Investor Attitudes.pdf

DaMina Indonesia to overtake Germany.pdf

DaMina West Blinks, Abandons Myanmar's Suu Kyi, Military digs in.pdf


DaMina Advisors - Uganda - Political unrest, economic outlook amid US sanctions.pdf

DaMina Advisors Ethiopia Civil War New Constitition.pdf

DaMina China Role in EM-FM bond market to complicate Eurobond restructuring.pdf

DaMina ALGERIA US Russia Rivalry.pdf

DaMina Covid Vaccine.pdf

DaMina Bolivia.pdf

DaMina Nagorno-Karabakh .pdf

DaMina TANZANIA US Sanctions.pdf

DaMina Kenya Econmic Outlook Stabilizes.pdf

DaMina Advisors - Covid Lockdown 2.0.pdf

DaMina Ivory Coast Ouattara Position Uncertain.pdf

DaMina Cuba Biden Policy.pdf

DaMina Flailing G7 Series - ITALY.pdf

DaMina China Preps Brady Bond Plan for defaulting EM & FM debts.pdf

DaMina North Korea succession crisis.pdf

DaMina Iran Rouhani Out.pdf

DaMina G20 Corona Economic Political Risk.pdf

DaMina Coronavirus Economic fallout to hit Frontier Markets Hard - Spare US.pdf

DaMina Iran Khameni Steps Down.pdf

DaMina Tanzania Balks at Barrick Agreement.pdf


DaMina China Prepares to Annex Hong Kong.pdf

DaMina Hong Kong Emergency Declaration Could Torpedo Trade Talks.pdf

DaMina Chinas Hong Kong Prague Spring 1968 to Produce Trump-Xi Trade Deal.pdf

Plaza Accord 2.0 but not yet.pdf

Trump Gambit on North Korea China Containment.pdf

Ethiopia's Gorbachev falters, and may yet fall, but reforms will soldier on.pdf

DaMina Crude Oil Prices to Mid June - Up up and away.pdf

Mr Trump axes Mr Nixon 47 Year Old China Policy.pdf

DaMina Advisors NIGERIA 2019 - How Credible are Rigging Claims.pdf

Press Release DaMina Advisors NIGERIA 2019 Election Forecast.pdf

DaMina NIGERIA Conference Call - 2019 ELECTIONS.pdf

DaMina - Nigeria 2019 Elections VENIGERIA.pdf


DaMina Tanzania Preps Mine Nationalization with new minister.pdf

DaMina Nigeria 2019 Postponement Risk Rising.pdf


DaMina US China Deal by March 1 Impossible.pdf

DaMina Saudi-Russsia Divergence Imperils Opec+.pdf

DaMina - Zambia Fiscal Turnaround.pdf

DaMina US retools Asia Strategy.pdf

DaMina MEKONG Delta Countries Monthly Nov 2018.pdf

Trump looks to tap SPR over DOE objections.pdf

DaMina - Nigeria 2019 Elections.pdf

DaMina MEKONG Delta Countries Monthly.pdf

DaMina Zimbawe's Unstable Triumvirate.pdf

DaMina South Africa Faces Decade Long Economic Stagnation.pdf

DaMina Uganda President Museveni may be toppled by popular uprising.pdf

DaMina FINAL FRONTIERS - North Korea Faces New Food Famine.pdf

Toronto Sun Op-Ed - Mr Trudeau's Foreign Policy Team May Cost Him Reelection.pdf

DaMina DRC President Jean Pierre Bemba.pdf

DaMina - Nigeria Petreloum Law Tabled Until 2019 Polls.pdf

DaMina - DRC Glencore US DOJ vs US Treasury.pdf

DaMina FINAL FRONTIERS Note - North Korea Economic Dependance.pdf

US Treasury vs. US State Dept, NSC on Iran Sanctions Oil Import Waivers.pdf

Core OPEC and Russia will break Vienna Deadlock, increase production.pdf

DaMina ETHIOPIA - Dramatic Privatization Reforms.pdf

DaMina FINAL FRONTIERS - North Korea Investment Case.pdf

DaMina Advisors - DRC Ebola outbreak to intensify, despite vaccine.pdf

DaMina Final Frontiers NOTE - EU workarounds US sanctions wont be enough to save Iran nuclear deal.pdf

DaMina FINAL FRONTIERS Note - North Korea Summit Still On.pdf

DaMina ETHIOPIA - Africa's Best Kept Investment Secret.pdf

DaMina Final Frontiers NOTE - Trump won't yield to EU pressure on banks, oil sales.pdf

DaMina ANC EFF Marriage of Convenience.pdf

DaMina Saudi Aramco IPO Hong Kong Bound.pdf

DaMina DRC Smelts Cobalt War.pdf

Mandela's Hier Ramaphosa TAKES OVER - Op Ed.pdf

DaMina 2018 Periscope YEAR AHEAD TOP RISKS.pdf


DaMina Mugabe will survive the coup.pdf

Saudi Arabia Devaluation.pdf

DaMina Tanzania Mine Nationalization.pdf

DaMina Kenya EC Numbers Anomalies Obama Kerry.pdf

DaMina Kenya Full Election Forecast Province-by-Province - Massive Odinga Victory.pdf

DaMina Kenya Electoral Commission Numbers.pdf

DaMina Kenya's One Term President.pdf

DaMina Nigeria Banking Crisis 2.0.pdf

DaMina Next Mutiny Could Topple Presidnet Ouattara.pdf

DaMina Nigeria Buhari to abandon Reelection.pdf

DaMina Ivoirian succession crisis.pdf

DaMina 2017 Periscope YEAR AHEAD TOP RISKS.pdf


South Africa debt downgrade could trigger Mozambique tailspin.pdf

South Africa contracting Economy boosts EFF.pdf

South Africa ANC at Cross Roads.pdf

South Africa ANC - DA Alliance Capital Markets Earthquake (2).pdf

Nigeria Oil Revenues Dip Below 1bil USD.pdf

Nigeria Naira Devaluation IMF program.pdf

Nigeria Naira Devaluation IMF program IV.pdf

Nigeria Naira Devaluation IMF program III.pdf

Nigeria Naira Devaluation IMF program II.pdf

DaMina Taper Tantrum II.pdf

DaMina OPEC no deal fixed currency collapse.pdf

A world restored Trump, Clinton and Kissinger.pdf


Zuma inches towards mine nationalizations in South Africa.pdf

Press Release Why Was DaMina Advisors So Persistently Right on BUHARI Jonathan Matchup.pdf

Press Release Former President Joyce Banda joins DaMina.pdf

Nigeria Military Chiefs Hold Elections Hostage.pdf

DaMina The ZERO Growth Era I.pdf

DaMina South Africas Inconvenient Economic Truth.pdf

DaMina Nigeria ELECTIONS Conference Call III.pdf

DaMina Nigeria Conference Call II.pdf

DaMina Mr Obama goes to a geopolitically divided Africa.pdf

DaMina HADES Index Libya South Sudan hudling towards state collapse.pdf

DaMina Commodity Price Collapse and Africa.pdf

DaMina 2015 Perisciope - Our Top Calls for the Year Ahead.pdf




DAMINA - Boko Haram Comprehensive Assessment.pdf

Ebola II African Airlines.pdf

DaMina Zimbabwe Grace Mugabe seeks third way.pdf

DaMina Zimababwe Mugabe end of the line.pdf

DaMina US Tapering Frontier Capital Markets.pdf

DaMina Uganda Political Civil War.pdf

DaMina South Africa Post Marcus Inflation Targeting Policy Under Threat.pdf

DaMina South Africa Labor SPECIAL REPORT.pdf

DaMina Russia China Unite to End US Unipolarity.pdf

DaMina Post Mandela South Africa.pdf

DaMina Oil Price Slide.pdf

DaMina Oil Price Slide IMPACTS.pdf

DaMina Nigeria turns to Putin.pdf

DaMina Nigeria Interest Rate Rise Naira Devaluation.pdf

DaMina Nigeria Interest Rate Hike.pdf

DaMina Nigeria GDP Corp Earnings at Risk as Foreign Investors Flee with Boko Haram In.pdf

DaMina Nigeria Conference Call.pdf

DaMina Nigeria CBN Governor Going Nowhere - Naira to head down - Jonathan Impeachment.pdf

DaMina Nigeria 2015 Elections Risk of Postponement.pdf


DaMina 2013 AFRICA Periscope.pdf


Exclusive GHANA 2012 Elections Forecast.pdf

DaMina Ghana Elections Results.pdf

DaMina GHANA 2012 Election.pdf

DaMina Africa Commodities Report 2013.pdf

DaMina Advisors Africa Periscope 2012.pdf


UK Bribery Act Implications for Private Equity Firms.pdf

Mubarak Trial Could Trigger Coup in Egypt.pdf

DaMina Egypt Analysis in Chinese.pdf

China Shifts Africa Policy.pdf

2011 Africa Oil Price Impacts Paper.pdf


DaMina Summary Calls.pdf